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• Distributed data processing
• Decentralized applications
• Mobile Applications
• Cryptocurrency
• Data Storage System
• Consulting
• Smart Contracts
• Blockchain
Products that reshape the financial industry
We take an active position with the understanding of our social mission. We create technological solutions that contribute to global evolutionary processes and have a positive impact on society.
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Reliable and secure crypto payment infrastructure for businesses and individuals, with simple and straightforward integration.
Crypto processing
Fully integrated infrastructure
to securely accept crypto payments in a user-friendly way.
Payment gateway
Technology for non-profit organizations to accept and exchange crypto donations – securely and with five-star support.
An easy way to integrate blockchain principles with Zencart, Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento 2, and other CMS systems.
An advanced feature enabling you to send coins and tokens to multiple addresses at the same time.
Mass Payments
Pay the way you want, receive payments in the currency you need – legally, safely, without restrictions.
Fiat processing
Fast, secure, and limitless cryptocurrency exchange with low fees and the best rates in the market.
Crypto-to-crypto exchange
A safe bridge between fiat and crypto with over 150 cryptocurrencies to buy, sell, and exchange.
Crypto-to-fiat and fiat
-to-crypto exchange
An enhanced security protocol powered solution to operate digital exchange based on the microservice architecture.
Exchange platform
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We know how to build a robust and high-performance blockchain architecture based on your business demands and market requirements.
Exchange platform
Blockchain-powered technology to convert the ownership of any digital or physical item into tokens.
Digital agreements encoded as computer protocols, designed to automate business processes in any industry, reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Smart Contract Development
We deliver next-gen DeFi solutions with a focus on security, availability, and transparency for any business dealing with financial operations.
Leverage our expertise to tokenize your assets, build an exchange or NFT marketplace to get your piece of the multi-billion dollar NFT pie.
We combine extensive blockchain expertise, big data, and analytics tools to deliver consulting services that boost your business efficiency.
Blockchain Сonsulting
Add massive value to your business with a team of top-level experts ready to take on any challenge in accordance with your goals and needs.
Dedicated team
We build custom decentralized applications able to bring scalability, privacy, and security to any vertical and industry.
Safety and anonymity come first when storing digital assets. We utilize MultiSig tech cold wallet integration to keep your currency secure.
Crypto wallets
Our values
We’ve built a team of experienced professionals to ensure the delivery of top-notch products tailored to your business needs.
Our tools and services are designed to help you navigate the technology, competition, operational and regulatory environments effortlessly.
By building custom solutions for different enterprise models, we help you overcome your business growth pains and meet the constantly changing market demands.
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